Friday, July 29, 2011

Can I Have Your Recipe?

Friends, acquaintances and even family have asked me to share my recipes with them over the years, my problem in most cases has been that I don't follow very many recipes!  I usually just toss a few things together hoping things turn out!  Sometime they do and sometimes my family can't wait to get up from the table and find something else to fill themselves with! Starting the Gluten and Dairy free diet we often times have even more of these meals as of late!!
  My family however does have a few tried and true recipes that are worth sharing and I hope to not only share them with you as I create them, but I will attempt to measure and write as I cook dinner to preserve my or revisit a few of my better dinner creations!!  
  I can't say that I am cooking my way through Julia's cookbook, but hopefully I might give a few tips or tricks that will keep ya coming back for more :)

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