Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Little Bit of Heaven, I Mean Paris, In Arizona!

 I knew that when Adam and I went to Paris for our Anniversary that I would enjoy the yummy pastries and desserts, but I never expected to fall so deeply in love with sipping hot cocoa at a cafe while the rain fell around us.  When I came home one of the first things that I attempted was purchasing French Hot Cocoa mix.  I learned that not only is there  not a lot of stuff like that out there (mostly machines), but their aren't many recipes either...  My new mission had become finding a recipe that would help me get by until I was in Paris once again.
After doing a lot of googling and experimenting with what others had come up with I have to say that this is pretty close!  I can't provide the amazing atmosphere, but I can get you close to the taste!  

* The darker the better!!  I don't suggest using anything lighter than 70% Cocoa.
* My husband enjoys adding a TBSP of Heavy Cream to his batch of hot chocolate.
* When you get a cup of Hot Cocoa in France it comes with sugar cubes. You can always add, but taste the richness of the chocolate first.  
*You don't have to use the blender if you don't want the froth, but the cocoa powder looks really cool on the froth!!

We are told all the time that Dark Chocolate not Milk Chocolate is good for us.  People have even said the darker the better...I could never enjoy a 90% cocoa bar, but drinking it as Hot Chocolate is truly amazing.  Now I get to say that Hot Cocoa is a health drink :)


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  1. Best post EVER!!! Love the tips. A very favorite treat.... yum!!