Sunday, August 14, 2011

101 Different Varieties

 There truly are a lot of ways to make granola.  Tonight I was playing on the idea of peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  I have been asked about substitutions for coconut oil and if you have an allergy canola oil would work just as well.  I like using the coconut oil for the added level of flavor (it is healthy too though)!   Obviously if your family isn't gluten free you can use any type of oats for this recipe as well.  I use organic peanut butter and the same holds true for that as well.  Use what you have in your home!!
 I enjoy parchment paper a lot.  I enjoy the less dishes to be washed thing, but also the double use of a funnel when the granola is done cooking. (see below photos)
Granola can not only be made many different ways, it can be eaten a few different ways as well.  Tonight dinner was warm granola right out of the oven topped with almond milk.  Tomorrow when I am making lunches I will place the granola into little containers for the kids to eat as a snack.  The final and I am sure most healthy way is as an ice cream topping!!  I am really of fan :)  I am sure that I will be adding to my granola collection so if this isn't up your alley make a request :)

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