Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Back to School Menu

 Smiley Face Pancakes are easy to make and the kids love them!  I think that they only tips for this breakfast are these...
*Use a circle cookie cutter to make the perfect eyes.  I knife with a small cup works just as well.
*If you can't have normal whipped cream they do make coconut cream in the can as well :)
 Lunches for little ones with special diets can often times be hard.  The kids feel weird about not eating what others get to and that is never fun.  This year  I tried to make the kids lunch containers fun and exciting with vinyl stickers.  They are water proof and come in many different shapes, colors and fonts.  These water bottles and plastic containers will last the whole year and so will the stickers. 
 After school snacks can become monotonous.  On the first day of school I try to have something special for the kids. 
 Today we had cupcakes and yes they are good.  The Cherrybrook Kitchen makes wonderful mixes that are dairy, egg, nut and gluten free.
 Dinner this evening needed to be fast and easy. You might think that homemade spaghetti sauce isn't either of those things, but truly you can start and finish within a half hour. 
* When you want veggies, but you don't like them crunchy or big shred them.  You save time not chopping them and they get soft very quickly.
* Season the meat.  Often times people just brown the meat and save the seasoning until the tomato products are in the pan.  Put the salt and herbs in with the meat and veggies for extra flavor.  Save the garlic for the end of the sweating of the veggies though so it doesn't burn and become bitter.
* If you like more sauce and less thickness add another can of tomato sauce. 
We really enjoyed dinner tonight! 

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