Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making Recipies Our Own

* I used medium green chili...if your family isn't used to spice I would recommend using mild or cutting down on the amount by half!  Also, if you purchase the chili in the store instead of using fresh chili they often season it for you.  Make sure you read the bottle and exclude the garlic powder from the recipe.
* I used fresh spinach, but I cooked it before adding it to the pot so that I could have it drained well.  If you or your children don't like spinach this is a great recipe to use.  You get the nutrients but no taste of spinach!
*Kids often times look at food and snub their noses before they even give things a chance.  I have found that toppings and allowing them to build their meals helps with this.  These toppings are favorites for a lot of our dishes and they say that cheese makes everything better :)
* If the heat is to much for your little ones place a little honey over the dish and it will cut the heat for them!
 Don't you just love one pot or pan dishes!!
 Years ago my Aunt Shonda made this meal while I was living with her sweet family.  She shared the recipe with me and over the years I have played with it a lot.  I think that as we become more acquainted with spices and our palates we are able to take a core recipe and make it our own.  My Aunt's recipe is great and I encourage you all to not only enjoy it, but create something from it that is your very own :)

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